Between cabinet Stonit plate :

By spending several hours a day in the kitchen, you’ll find out how everything is easily unplugged unless you have a strong managerial position.

However, when you want to keep the food section clean and tidy, you can not do it in a hurry. The more time you cook in the kitchen, the more environment your surroundings become more complex and unmatched.

So if you are in love with your kitchen space, it’s time to find a way to protect it from scattering and stains with a between cabinet stonit plate .

استونیت طرح آبی جنگلی Wild Blue

The space between the wall and wall cabinets, if left unoccupied, can be annoying, but they can be filled with decorative tricks and give them a special new look.

One of the materials that can fill this free space are artificial stonit stones. Their presence can affect the entire interior decoration of your kitchen and make you feel good in your kitchen.

If you want to have a different kitchen, use dark colors that are in contrast to the bright colors of the cabinets and other kitchen utensils to create a strong focal point.

Easy to clean and create seamless (antibacterial) space, waterproof and impact resistant, and variety of designs, all of which are the concern of skilled design engineers to create space between the cabinets and the back of the kitchen stove. Wallboard The Stones and woods are the answer to all the requirements of the space between your cabinets.

صفحه بین کابینتی استونیت

The main role of the between cabinet stonit plate is to protect the kitchen wall against food dispersal. Although this does not mean that you do not use it for other things. Most landlords prefer to use as much wall space as they can to make a small kitchen space smaller, while still having the ability to hang kitchen utensils and so on; so, in this case, the more you use multi-element elements, the convenience And your comfort will be greater.

صفحه بین کابینتی استونیت