Tehran Stone Mehr Agin the official representative of Persian Stonit is a provider of artificial stone sheets with 16 designs from the world’s most famous marble rocks! 

About Stonit

Tehran stone mehr agin Company , the official representative of the Persian Stonit of Isfahan, is proud to present a collection of the most famous marble stone designs in the world in the form of Stonit Sheets, also known as Marble Sheet or Artificial Marble, this time in Tehran Metropolis. The product is unique in terms of shape, flexibility, heat resistance, impact, moisture and harmful bacteria than any other material in use as a top-of-the-line, and is more cost effective and cheap in its perfection more than natural stone and similar products.Stonit is one of the closest and most unique decorative materials produced close to the stone in a completely natural form, with rock’s brightness, with complete tools and fitted with stonit sheet designs to further harmonize the facade. Tehran stone Mehr Agin offers this superb product for those who are looking for a roof covering with a stunning appearance and stylish interior views in commercial buildings, offices, mosques, interior design of hotels, hospitals, and more.A complete set of stonit tools including cornice, crown angle, frame, and border, provides you with the possibility to create a very coordinated and glamorous appearance during the executive process without need for any other materials.



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استونیت طرح کاپوچینو Cappuccino
استونیت طرح سبز تیره Dark Green
استونیت طرح سلطنتی روشن Royal Light
استونیت طرح عقیق کرم Cream Onyx
استونیت طرح امپرادور روشن Light Emperador
استونیت طرح آتشفشان Vulcano