Persian Stonit presents the new generation of artificial stone

Tehran Stone Mehr Aghin Company was established in the autumn of 2017 by obtaining a formal representation from Persian Stonit Esfahan Company in west of Tehran with the aim of offering and implementing stonit products.

Stonit slabs with dimensions 280×120, 280×60 cm and 3.6 mm in thickness are produced  in 16 designs of the most famous marble stones in the world.

This incredible and affordable product has 17 classic instrument models with a variety of applications that are unique in their own way.

Persian stonit tools includes cornice, skirting 12 and 18 cm, bordering, 10 and 16 cm frame, margin, inner and outer corners, 5 and 3 cm frames, middle, external and internal angles and column tool.

Stonit is suitable for interior walls and roof.

This product is anti-bacterial and resistant to fire and detergents

The waterproofness of stonit makes it suitable for use in swimming pools and the bathroom and sanitary facilities.


Light Emperador 6087

Dark Emperador 6088

Spider Emperador 6089

Golden Brown 6086

Golden Marble 6085

Volcano 6093

Emperial 6094

Caramela 6084

Capuccino 6083

Cream Onyx 6082

Ice Onyx 6081

White Crystal 6091

Wild Green 6096

Royal Light 6092

Wild Blue 6090