Stonit Marble Sheet :

What is the size of the stonit marble sheet as a domestic product of the company, Tehran Stone Mehr Agin, the official representative of the Persian stonit in  metropolitan Tehran?

What are the features of this affordable product?

ماربل شیت استونیت

One of the spheres or industries in which Iran has made remarkable progress in recent years is the interior ​​decoration.
The production of all kinds of products in this area, including the types of marbles, etc., has led to the beauty of Iranian interior decoration at a more affordable price.
Marble Sheet is a company manufactured by the Persian Stonit Company, a company that manufactures and supplies pvc and powders.
One of the main advantages of the Marble Sheet, apart from its quality, is the unique beauty that undoubtedly attracts the attention of most customers.
This product has a significant impact on the weight of the structure and, with a low price, it is very economical for the mass builders and construction.
Considering that the marble designs of the Stonit Strip are inspired by the most famous marble quarries of the world, all the wallpapers in the international market have a high priority and a unique and unique product with the technology of the day to promote the country’s gift. have given .

ماربل شیت استونیت

Stonit Marble Features:

* Very low density (7 kg / m2)
* Resistant to solvents and chemicals in the environment
* High heat resistance (with minimal exfoliation)
* High resistance to moisture and humid areas (up to 100%)
* Sound and sound insulation significantly
* Excellent thermal and cryogenic insulation
* Washable and suitable for sanitary environments
* Flammable fire and fire
* Flexibility and formation for archways